About us

“Luz” is the Spanish word for “light. This is an incredibly beautiful and powerful word. For us it has an literal and spiritual meaning.

At Luzz Candle, we value sustainability. For example, most of our products are made from sustainable materials, such as rapeseed wax. We believe it is important to be kind to the world around us.

Moreover, we embrace the “slow living” movement. This movement stands for slowing down our lives to enjoy the present moment. Not always wanting more, but being content with less. We hope our products allow you to experience those precious moments for yourself.

All products are carefully made and/or selected by us. We pride ourselves on making all candles and bowls by hand to ensure greatest quality.

Where can you find us?

Luzz Candle finally became an official small business in February 2022. By now we are regularly at markets in the Netherlands & Belgium, we have some outlets in the Netherlands, and this webshop.

You can shop us at:

  • Swan Market Breda

Are you interested in selling Luzz Candle? Or are you curious about the B2B possibilities? We love to receive your email!

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