Lovely Lente -(fresh roses)


Fragrance: fresh roses
Burn time: + 10 hours

‘Lente’ is the Dutch word for Spring. The playlist of the ‘Lovely Lente’ scented candle is full of bright, happy and relaxing songs. This music combined with the soft smell of fresh roses will instantly put you in a good mood.

The ‘Lovely Spring’ candle is available in two colors: lilac and green. Choose your favorite aesthetic piece for your interior and let’s bring some happy feelings into your home!

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With each candle comes a certain mood, an atmosphere in which it burns best. That’s why this candle is connected to a matching Spotify playlist. So you can enjoy the moment even more with our candles!

How can you use the music candle?

  1. Open your Spotify app
  2. Tap the search bar
  3. Tap the camera
  4. Tap scan
  5. Point your camera at the code on the candle

This playlist goes with this candle: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4YUE8UKc3mMIzf4i84ermI?si=f5607e2cb8dc4d6d

How was the candle made?

All candles are made by ourselves. The whole process was done by ourselves: from molding the candles to designing the labels. The scented candles are made from rapeseed wax. This is one of the most sustainable means of making candles, since rapeseed is produced in Europe. Therefore, the candles are completely vegan. The only thing added to the candle is an essential oil – otherwise, no other agents have been added.


Green letters, Lilac letters

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