Swirl Round

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Bring a touch of art and magic into your home with our beautiful Round Swirl Candle. More than just a light source, this unique candle is a true interior design must-have. The elegant twists and swirls of the candle turn every moment into a work of art. Light the Swirl Candle and enjoy the peaceful and enchanting glow that fills your room. Perfect for creating a relaxing vibe during cozy evenings.

Height: 7 cm
Weight: 190 g.

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At Luzz Candle, we make it by hand, so no two candles are the same. Each one is a true work of art. Our candles are made from rapeseed wax – the sustainable hero among candle materials. And here it comes: rapeseed wax is even more sustainable than soy wax because it comes straight from Europe. Sustainability, craftsmanship and creativity? That’s what we stand for!

Tip from the candle experts: enjoy your candle the longest by burning it all at once. Put it on a plate or holder to catch drips – melting candle wax loves adventure!


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