Cheese heart

The ‘Cheese Heart’ candle is the perfect gift for the cheese lovers among us. Because what could be more fun than a cheese in the shape of a heart? All candles are handmade by us and are made of rapeseed wax.


Width: 6 cm
Height: 3 cm
Weight: 80 g.

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Luzz Candle’s candles are handmade. This means that each candle is truly unique. In addition, the candles are made from rapeseed wax. This is one of the most sustainable materials for making candles. In fact, rapeseed wax is even more sustainable than soy wax because rapeseed wax is produced in Europe. Sustainable, handmade and artsy: that’s our motto!

Tip: burn the candle in one go, that way it will burn the longest. And always put the candle on a plate/holder because of the melting candle wax.


heart shape, cheese shape

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